Friday, June 8, 2012

Hello again! 
 I have a new web site that pulls all of my work together and can direct you to my other blog,my shop, and this blog. I will also be doing a newsletter in the future, so you can sign up for that as well. The Nantucket Mermaid blog will be all about Nantucket and my Shop on 4 Fair Street. This blog will be about everything else! I will be opening a new online shop with items that are a bit different than what you see in the Nantucket shop. So stay tuned!

 This is a box that I painted several years ago.

I think that I will start painting on black again.

I used my favorite medium, gouache .

I love making different patterns, so the sides of the box  have their own look.
 Here is the front. Stay tuned for more, and thanks for looking!

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jone hallmark said...

Oh Jeanne - you make me smile BIG with your beautiful work.....I am soooo inspired by you!

Have a lovely weekend.....